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B i o g r a p h y

It was the year 2000. 50 years of rock n roll history had passed and it was time to concieve a band that would embody the best of what its "vintage" members had lived through. We all know that the music that is produced these days , with precious few exceptions, is all superficial uninspired excrement. We bring back the spirit of the great music of "back in the day", the good stuff all you youngins are crazy about digging up on youtube but have never experienced the way it was meant to be, rockin your asses off at live concert.  We of the Blue Rats live for one thing and one thing only. To bring the real deal in live music, the very best of Blues Soul and Rock, to you on the live stage.


The Blue Rats Are:
MD Blue Bear on keyboard
John Rock on Vocals and Guitar
Vickerl Pfosten on Drums and Vocals
Funky George on Guitar and Vocals
Fritz the Rat on the Bass.​

With our following of dedicated fans we are keeping the faith to the lost art. Our debute album, which is maturing in an oaken cask down in our rat cellar, will, when it finally comes out, be a milestone in rock history. It will be drivingly new original music with a vintage pedigree , not old tunes with new lyrics, a CD that you put on the top of your pile and want to listen to over and over, not because you know the band, but because it blows away all that other crap underneath it. That is a promise! Till then our original and copy tunes are being forged into precious metals on the hot anvil of our live performances. Come and be part of the Rock n Roll revolution!


Click this arrow to get feel for the "Blue Rats Experience": Check out this short Rockumentary of the Band!







For a more revealing look at the band, listen to the interview done by John Rock for Radio Orange. On Danny Chicago's show.  Just click the arrow





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