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 Our Rocumentary and a small sample

of our live performances


"Rockin' in the Free World"


When Donald Trump launched his presidential campagn in 2015 he had this song playing as he rolled down the escalator at Trump Tower. Besides the fact that he forgot to check with Niel Young, he also neglected to listen to the words; it is a song about American poverty and curruption not about freedom. To make things clear for the Donald, we decided to rewrite the final verse . Hope you like it Donald!


"Come on People"


This is the live world premiere of a song my friend Joe and I wrote 30 years ago during the Cold War. It seems with the latest pack of "fools" running the world these days, it's a song that, unfortunately, has not lost its relevance. Lots of thanks to my fellow Rats for giving it its present form and to Julian Schnizer at Attic Productions for putting the video together.

"The Blue Rats

rock Cafe Carina"


A short "Rockumantary"

(see biography)

to give you a quick impression of

"The Blue Rats experience"

Mamma Told Me not to Come

Live video clip from Cafe Carina


Live video clip from Cafe Carina 2009


Something by the King of the New York City Blues, Popa Chubby .

Recorded live at Soul Veranda​​

Backdoor Man

The Howlin' Wolf/Doors classic done the Blue Rats way. Recoded live in the Rat Cellar

Hard to Handle

The classic Otis Redding soul number done the Blue Rats way. Recorded live at Cafe Carina


Done in the Rat Cellar....kind of a "Music Video"

Meet me in the Morning

Blues number by Bob Dylan

with Funky George on the slide guitar. Live from the Rat Cellar


One of the first Rock n Roll songs ever written. By the big man himself Bo' Diddly. From a gig in the Tunnel

Pretty Woman

Blues classic by Albert King, one of the pioneers. Live from the Rat Cellar


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